ActiClean 清洗凝胶


Reduces Time Spent on Maintenance

适用于 ActiClean 自动在线机械加化学清洗系统的凝胶,可消除灯管套管上的污垢。

  • The ActiClean sleeve cleaning system reduces time spent on maintenance by automatically removing fouling from the quartz sleeves that protect UV lamps. It cleans sleeves 50% more effectively than mechanical wiping alone with the use of ActiClean Gel which is contained within wiper canisters that surround quartz sleeves.
  • ActiClean ensures a consistent amount of UV light enters the water to reach target pathogens by maintaining UV Transmittance to at least 95%.
  • ActiClean Gel has now been reformulated to provide better viscosity characteristics, allowing it to distribute evenly through the entire cleaning system.